You need a decent amount of hashing power to use a P2Pool, because it is an instant payout per block with no share system, so you won't accumulate and receive dust payouts if your hash speed is too low. PPLNS reward system note: You will receive payout value (shown on stats) each time the block is found by the whole p2pool network. At least it needs 24 hours to get max payouts in queue.

Simple start

Enter these parameters in your miner program:

  • Host —
  • Port — 9332
  • Login — your Bitcoin address
  • Any password will work


  • Decentralized bitcoin mining
  • Payouts do not depend on pool operator and no delayed payout.
  • Zero pool fees because it's less work/risk for pool managers.
  • Payouts in virgin unspent coins with no transaction history.
  • No user account required, just connect with your payout address.